Ellie, the rock star!

Dress Ellie - a future rock star!

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Dress Ellie - a future rock star!

Ellie is a really loud fun girl. She wants to be the next big rock star. She’s great at the guitar and she sings too. She has friends who play with her in a rock band - now all they need is to get on the TV.

Last year she entered competition to be on TV playing with her band, but she wasn’t successful because they said she didn’t have "the right look". She was very disappointed but she wants to try again this year. Thats why she needs your help! you have to give her the right look to win the competition and be the next big famous rock star!

She wants you to go down to the shops with her and choose a great rock outfit for a girl, so that she’ll look fantastic. She needs the clothes, the hair, the shoes ...and when you’re finished with all of that, she’s even going to buy a new guitar, to complete the look!

then all you need to do is listen out for the release of her band’s new album!!!

Ellie, the rock star!

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Ellie, the rock star! comments from girls:

Pandacakexx Pandacakexx 19.01.2012 à 1:14
I loved how i dress up my doll. I am new here and this site is AWESOME! If its possible, chat with me im rlly nice

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