Tammy’s Dream Holiday!

Replace all the objects on the terrace and around the room for Melanie, for her dream holiday!

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Replace all the objects on the terrace and around the room for Melanie, for her dream holiday!

At last it’s the holiday for Tammy and she couldn’t be happier! She’s off to a beach villa with her family and she’s so excited. It’s the holiday of her dreams. Unfortunately in this decoration game for girls, all the furniture has not been arranged properly, so when Tammy arrives, she needs to arrange everything - can you help?

Once all the decorating is finished Tammy and her family can all sit back and take part in the great family holiday, lying out in the sun! Maybe you can join them having breakfast around the table, sitting on the sun lounger or walking over the glass floor, so that you can look down and see all the fish swimming around underneath! What a great holiday! Don’t forget to add the link onto your blog by copying the code below - that way all your friends can play too!

Tammy’s Dream Holiday!

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