A Mother in her Kitchen

Help this mother to make an after school snack for her children and all their friends.

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Help this mother to make an after school snack for her children and all their friends.

If you love to play at being mother, then this game will make you understand that this is not always easy. In this fun girls cooking game, you will have to meet the needs of your children and their friends. When they return from school they are all hungry, so you will have to prepare their food. You’ll have to be very fast in this game, otherwise the children will turn into really hungry little monsters. If there are too many monsters in this free girls cooking game, then you’ll lose the game and have to start again from the beginning.

To know what they want, click on children on the left, then they will sit at the table. You’ll then need to get the ingredients you need from the cupboard or fridge, and put them in the oven. When the children finish you’ll need to clear the table and do the dishes. Each time you properly take care of a child in this fun game just for girls, you will earn money. Join us to try to beat your own record for each party!

A Mother in her Kitchen

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