Clean Up a Polluted Beach Game

Turn a polluted beach into a haven for wildlife

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How to play the game "Clean Up a Polluted Beach Game"?

Girls, the planet needs your help urgently. Just take a look at this polluted beach. How could people allow it to become so bad? This beach used to be a beautiful, sandy place where tourists could sunbathe, children could play and wildlife could thrive, and now there is only mess. Nothing can survive in this polluted environment! In this free girls’ game, it is your job to clean up the beach and help save the Earth! Read more

It is great to clean things up, but even better to recycle and prevent mess in the first place! This is going to be hard work girls, but it will be so worth it. Put all the rubbish items into the correct bins, but pay attention to the ticking clock! We need to work fast if we want to make a difference in this free game for girls. Listen to those waves roar on the shore...the world is saying thank you! Do you recycle at home? Leave us your comments on this important topic!



Clean Up a Polluted Beach is one of my favorites! We clearly have awesome taste! Come and play more of my fave beach games!