Love on the Titanic

Let Jack and Rose enjoy a romantic kiss before the Titanic sinks!

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Let Jack and Rose enjoy a romantic kiss before the Titanic sinks!

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to be aboard the Titanic? It would be pretty scary, but at least you might get to kiss the gorgeous Leonardo DiCaprio! The movie ‘Titanic’ tells the story of Jack and Rose, a boy and girl who met and fell in love on the doomed ship. It’s incredibly moving – almost every girl sheds a tear or two at the end! Don’t worry if you haven’t seen ‘Titanic’ before, because you can now watch it in 3D! To celebrate the re-release of James Cameron’s famous film, we’ve prepared a special kiss game where you can let Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet enjoy a romantic kiss before the ship sinks.

Like almost all kissing games for girls, you just need to click with your mouse to let Jack and Rose melt into a passionate kiss aboard the Titanic. The couple want a few moments alone together, so make sure no one sees them! When animals or a submarines appear to spy on the boy and girl in this Titanic game for girls, let go of the mouse so they stop kissing then click the orange arrow to shoo away the intruders. Let this lovely couple enjoy a few beautiful moments together in this love game, and check out the star games on the site if you want to play more kissing games with your favorite handsome actors or singers – you’ll love them!

Love on the Titanic

4.5/5 - 242 votes
  • Aqualeena
  • Spiritual
  • Icymabel
  • Loppop90
  • Tiyonna15
  • Naiyaaosopre
  • AugustineJay
  • IceQueen020
  • Angana
  • AnnMarieClem

Love on the Titanic comments from girls:

kourtney456 kourtney456 25.07.2013 à 18:06
I don't like this game because they give you way too much time,the bird is annoying,when the shark comes out of the water why is it smiling?I mean is it a nice shark or what! If it's a nice one I don't get why it pop out the water bothering a kissing couple.If it's a mean one, it explains he's very happy about bothering a kissing couple.IDK.Mygames4girls wanted a long message and they got one.Your welcome.
FunnyVanessa123 FunnyVanessa123 25.07.2013 à 1:38
Every Night In My Dreams I see You I feel You that is how I know you go on far across the distance and space between us . you have come to show you again I don't know more lyrics HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
livvy1548 livvy1548 27.05.2013 à 14:14
I will tell you the love story on the tiantic so there was a lady called rose and a man called jack well they met. then it was love at first sight so they were always together but one night jack was stuck somewhere then rose found him . they got out of the shipthen they found a raft but the water was too cold for him so he died and rose survived
aprilsweet aprilsweet 09.04.2013 à 19:05
i watched the movie it is so so sad because at the end the ship turns aeound and the guy falls p.s it is a good game and plzz add me
daws5656 daws5656 26.06.2012 à 9:24
I was learning abourt Titanic at school and i did a project on it but this game whenever a bird or a shark a the submarine comes up the kiss thermometor goes back down to 0!
girl9999 girl9999 06.05.2012 à 13:39
catalaya catalaya 30.04.2012 à 17:30
TOOCUTE17887 TOOCUTE17887 12.04.2012 à 22:48
i dont like this game because everytime that ship come up out the water they cant kiss

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