Bike Race with Justin Bieber

Race to the finish line with Justin Bieber in this bike game!

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Race to the finish line with Justin Bieber in this bike game!

Justin Bieber: singer, hockey player, and in this girls’ game, pro motorcyle racer! In this celebrity game for girls, the international superstar is about to hop on his beloved bike and go for a top-speed spin through the countryside. Unfortunately, the path in this race game is a little bumpier than Justin might like... Can you help him across the obstacles and make sure he reaches the finish line safely?

You’ll need top reflexes and careful precision if you want to hit the high scores in this free Justin Bieber game! Use the arrows on your keyboard to direct Justin along the race course, but don’t go too fast or he’ll crash and hurt himself - and where would the music world be without Justin Bieber?! Have fun, and check back soon for more cool girls’ games!

Bike Race with Justin Bieber

4.4/5 - 203 votes
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  • RabidBeat
  • Lana91004
  • Viovioletale

Bike Race with Justin Bieber comments from girls:

ashyria1 ashyria1 02.04.2013 à 18:24
this game is so fun a he is so cute and hes not gay so all yall haters can kiss his butt thanks

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