Hello World!

Today is World Hello Day, how many people will you say hello to?

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Hola, bonjour, Goddag, Aloha, Annyong, Guten Tag, Kon-nichiwa...there are so many ways to say hello, and it is such a positive word! It creates new friendships, opens conversations and brings smile to people’s faces. How many times a day do you say ’hello?’ Think about it. When you’re at school, do you ever think to say it to someone new? It would be a great way to make new friends!

Today, the 21st November, is World Hello Day. The event takes place on the same date every year, and was created as a response to the Arab-Israeli conflict in October 1973. Since American brothers Brian and Michael McCormack set the holiday up, it has been observed by 180 countries; gaining the support of entertainers, Nobel Prize winners, writers and world leaders along the way.

World Hello Day makes it possible for anyone to contribute towards the act of preserving and promoting peace, rather than war. Countries are bridged together through this one simple word, and the message to our world leaders is that communication is key to creating peace in the world we live in. As such, it is a very important day.

So why not try it? Say ’hello’ to at least ten people today in order to participate. Be brave, say it to someone new in your class, you might just make a new friend!

Remember though girls, it’s great to make new friends, but you should always put safety first. Make sure you are with an adult you know and trust before talking to anyone you do not know.


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