The Little Chick Cheep

The Little Chick Cheep

Move over ’Gangnam Style’: ’Il Pulcino Pio’ is the latest pop song getting stuck in our heads! Originally created for Radio Globo, this catchy track is all about animal sounds: the chick cheeps, then hen coos, the cock goes cock-a-doodle doo... It was the summer sensation in Italy and has now been translated into lots of other languages. Check out the English version below!

What do you think? Will you be singing these tongue-twisting lyrics until Christmas? All togther now: "On the radio there’s a little chick, on the radio there’s a little chick...!"

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The Little Chick Cheep

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Player comments

Mooka Mooka 02.12.2012 à 23:09
This chick is so cuuutttte! I can listen to this song over again cause i like it and I want to know the words

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