Baby Sitting Games

Taking care of a baby is hard work... as you’re about to find out!

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How to play the game "Baby Sitting Games"?

Melody was looking forward to spending the day caring for her cute baby Lulu. Unfortunately, she has been called into work at the last minute, uh oh! She needs someone to come and take care of her little darling, but who? You of course! You’re an expert in babysitting games by now, so Melody knows she can trust you. Read more

Everyone loves babies, but they are actually very difficult to look after! They need constant supervision, and right now, Lulu’s diaper needs changing! Hmm, not so fun. Follow the instructions on screen by clicking the arrows to move onto each step. Be careful though, Babies aren’t exactly the most patient creatures on the planet. After she’s been cleaned and changed, dress her and bring her into the living room. Now it’s time to play! Wow, you’re such a pro, have you done this before?