What is a Tamagotchi?

Tamawotchi? Tamagotchi! Everyone is talking about these additive, retro digital pets...let’s find out more!

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Tamagotchis are so much fun! They were the first ever virtual pet, and were born in Japan around 20 years ago. It was the most high-tech thing to hit the playground at the time...honest!

Tamagotchi Fever

The world went crazy for Tamagotchis in the nineties, not just kids...but grown ups too! Although it’s not the most advanced technology any more, they are still adorable and really addictive to play.

The goal is to feed and take care of it throughout its whole life. You need to make sure it stays healthy, and then it will live longer! If you neglect your pet, it will get sick and eventually die.

A Pet for Your Pocket

Once you get used to your pet, you may find yourself getting a little bored. Never fear! There are over 46 different editions with different options. You can play on the computer, games console or even a smartphone!

Tell us girls, have you ever played with a Tamagotchi? Which is your favorite?