Unicorn Care Game

These unicorns need lots of care! Can you help?

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How to play the game "Unicorn Care Game"?

We don’t know if you believe in unicorns, but we can assure you, that in a hidden corner of France, between the beautiful mountains of the Alps, lives a whole group of magical unicorns. These creatures are very rare and fragile, so they need so much care. Alexander and Lily live in the beautiful part of the world, taking care of the unicorns, but they need some help in this girls free unicorn game...can you give them a hand? Read more

In this free animal game for girls, you have two choices: take your time to clean, decorate and groom a unicorn, or, fight against the clock and clean as many unicorns as possible in four minutes! It depends what kind of an animal lover you are really...do you like to be fast and efficient, or focused and caring? Either way, Alexander and Lily are going to be so grateful for the help! What’s your opinion on unicorns? Would you like to own one for real? Tell us what you think!



Unicorn Care is one of my favorites! We clearly have awesome taste! Come and play more of my fave animal games!