Paris Fashion Game

Dress up Matilda and check out the latest fashions from Paris!

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How to play the game "Paris Fashion Game"?

Do you know loads about fashion? Are you always keeping an eye out for new trends in magazines and clothes stores? If so, we know you’ll love the girls’ games on MyGames4Girls! In this online dress up game game you’ll meet our friend Matilda, a real fashionista who lives in beautiful Paris. Tonight she’s going to a dinner with her best friends, and she’s rummaging through her wardrobe to find the perfect outfit. Can you find her something stylish and elegant in this French fashion game? Read more

You’ll find an amazing selection of super fashionable tops, t-shirts, pants, skirts and accessories in this free fashion game! How are you going to dress up our Parisian girl for her dinner? How about a white t-shirt with a leather jacket and a pretty skirt? Or maybe something a little more formal, with a smart scarf, a little hat or some sparkly jewelry? You can dress up this girl in the most fashionable items around in this fashion game! Have fun with this dress up game in Paris, and make sure you come by the forums to chat about your favorite fashions and trends!



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Ilovecats Ilovecats 17 June 2017 at 23:51
My granny and pop live in France and I love them!
tiarahearts tiarahearts 20 May 2012 at 11:45
i have always dreamed of going to paris so i really liked this game!!!! but it needed more cute outfits!!! add me plz
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