Facial Beauty Game

Samantha needs a facial to clear up those pimples, fast!

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Samantha needs a facial to clear up those pimples, fast!

Oh dear, Samantha has a very important date tonight so she must start getting ready! There’s just a little thing standing in her way though in this girls’ make up game...hundreds of pimples all over her face! Ok ok, maybe not hundreds, but there are loads! Fortunately, Samantha is a fighter and she never admits defeat. She’s still going to need help from a beauty games expert like you though!

In this beauty game for girls, you must help Samantha prepare herself for the date tonight. She needs a good beauty facial in order to clear up those pimples and look her best. You have loads of cosmetics to choose from, but beware, this pretty girl only ever uses natural products. Have fun in this beauty game for girls, and don’t forget to share you best beauty tips afterwards in the comments!

Facial Beauty Game

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