Library Flirting Game

Jennifer finally got a job in the library, but as it’s her first day, she’s going to need some help!

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How to play the game "Library Flirting Game"?

Today, it is Jennifer’s first day of work at the library and she’s finding it a little difficult to organize herself. Like any first day in a new job, there’s just so much to learn! Now, the first visitor has walked through the door, and she’s so stressed! She’s also worried because her boyfriend said he would come visit her, and she wants to impress him! Ah, young love. Read more

In this free jobs game, you need to help Jennifer manage the library, but also flirt with her boyfriend. Well, girls are usually good at doing two things at once! She needs to be careful though, as it’s not very professional to flirt at work. Can you make sure she doesn’t get caught by the janitor? Click the table to make her stop flirting. Hmm, let’s hope she doesn’t get fired on her first day of work in this love game for girls!



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