Romantic Valentine Girls’ Game

Follow the line to love in this girls’ game.

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Follow the line to love in this girls’ game.

Love is in the air in our girls’ games! This love game stars Zoe and Niall, a cute young couple who are very much in love. It’s soon Valentine’s Day, and Niall has bought Zoe a huge bouquet of her favorite pink roses as a gift, but unfortunately they live in a strange town populated by zombies who want to ruin this lovely couple’s happiness by stealing the flowers. In this love game for girls you’ll have to draw lines across the screen to send the flowers to Zoe, making sure you don’t accidentally direct them to the zombie skulls instead.

If you succeed in this girls’ game, you can play again and send kisses from Zoe to Niall. With your help this boyfriend and girlfriend will have a very happy day and their love will get stronger and stronger! Hopefully their love will last many more Valentine’s Days! If you’re a romantic sort of girl who can’t get enough of couples games and kissing games, you’ve come to the right place - there are loads of romantic girls’ games for you to fall in love with here!

Romantic Valentine Girls’ Game

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