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See if you can answer the hardest questions!

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  • Brick Blaster Puzzle for Girls

    Brick Blaster Puzzle for (...)

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  • Puzzle games

    Puzzle games

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  • Lights


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    The Game of Solitaire

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  • Bejeweled Game

    Bejeweled Game

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  • Spot the difference birds

    Spot the difference birds

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  • Maze game

    maze game

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  • Tetris Game

    Tetris Game

    If you love arcades or retro video games then you must have played Tetris, one of the world’s most popular (...)
  • Pacman Game

    Pacman Game

    Have you ever played retro arcade games such as Tetris or Pacman? These addictive games really put your (...)
  • Rubber ducky bubble game

    Rubber ducky bubble game

    Do you like playing in the bathtub? Do you play with a rubber duck and bubbles? Do you like puzzle and (...)
  • Pirate Puzzle Game

    Pirate Puzzle Game

    Ahoy thar, matey! Are you ready to go on an adventure with pirates in this girls’ game? Captain Rodrigo (...)

See if you can answer the hardest questions!

Quizzes are a fun way to test your knowledge. In this quiz game for girls you can see if you are clever enough to be able to answer the easy, medium and hard questions about travel and about places around the world.

Start with the easy round, but don’t forget to keep watching the clock at the top right corner, because you don’t have long to answer them! The quicker you are, the more points you’ll get!

Quiz for girls

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Quiz for girls comments from girls:

esme7 esme7 26.10.2010 à 20:01
an bit esey but hard!an bit esey but hard and bit esey but hard!

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