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  • Baby at the Dentist

    Baby at the Dentist

    It’s Annie’s first trip to the dentist today, and she is being so brave! Dentists are nothing to be scared (...)
  • Baby World for Girls

    Baby World for Girls

    Have you ever heard tales of storks delivering babies? As the story goes, these skinny birds would fly (...)
  • Baby Bottle Feeding

    Baby Bottle Feeding

    Oh dear, the baby is crying so loud that the whole street has woken up! Hmm, what could she possibly (...)
  • A Royal Bath for a Prince

    A Royal Bath for a Prince

    All nannies dream of taking care of a famous baby! Well, you’re in luck. Prince Percy, the future king, (...)
  • Baby Jack in the Bath

    Baby Jack in the Bath

    There are many well behaved children out there, but Jack is the cutest of all. He almost never cries, he (...)
  • Super nanny

    Super nanny

    In this baby-sitter game, you’ll have to take care of a baby and ensure that he wants for nothing. The (...)
  • Babysitting Mama

    Babysitting Mama

    Babysitting Mama games are just like many other babysitting games. Normally what you need to do is take (...)
  • Bathing a Cute Baby

    Bathing a Cute Baby

    It’s so easy to be a babysitter; putting the baby in the crib or stroller and sitting them down to eat or (...)
  • Online Baby Game

    Online Baby Game

    Babies: they’re very sweet, but such hard work! The babysitter in this girls’ game is exhausted after (...)
  • Dress Up a Baby Fairy

    Dress Up a Baby Fairy

    A baby girl or boy’s first steps are an amazing moment for his or her mom and dad. For fairy parents, it’s (...)
  • Triplets Picnic

    Triplets Picnic

    In this funny girls game, the poor mother has so much to organise in order to take her triplets out for a (...)
  • The Baby Dolls

    The Baby Dolls

    In this simple game for girls you can play with one of these lovely dolls. Each of the dolls has lots of (...)

Play this online baby game for hours of fun !

Baby games that you play online often have the same basic idea. You need to look after online babies for as long as you can without letting them get upset. In this new free girls game, you need to take care of two babies by giving them everything they need, but just like in other girls games of this kind, you can only take care of one baby at a time.

Online Baby Games

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HottyGal001 HottyGal001 31.05.2012 à 4:19
So fun And CuteThis website is fun with all the games they have are fun!!!

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