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  • Caring for a Real Baby

    Caring for a Real Baby

    There’s a new addition to the royal family! Little baby Maria Teresa is so adorable! Like any baby though, (...)
  • Baby Lulu the Traffic Officer

    Baby Lulu the Traffic Officer

    Baby Lulu is in a great mood this morning! Want to know why? She is about to have her first day at work! (...)
  • Baby Juliet at the Eye Doctor

    Baby Juliet at the Eye (...)

    Poor baby Juliet! She’s been bored all weekend. Let’s take her on a trip to the movies! Buy her some (...)
  • Looking After Baby Alice

    Looking After Baby Alice

    This is the first time Alice has ever spent the day without her mom and dad...aww! Can you keep her (...)
  • Changing a Nappy

    Changing a Nappy

    What’s a nappy? It’s what people in the UK call a diaper! Join us on a trip to England, where baby Lizzie (...)
  • Brother Babysitting Game

    Brother Babysitting Game

    Jocelyn needs your help in this free girls’ game. Her mom just had a baby boy a few weeks ago, but she has (...)
  • Messy Baby Dress Up

    Messy Baby Dress Up

    If you’ve ever played out babysitting games, you’ll know that looking after baby boys and girls is hard (...)
  • Baby Dress Up Game

    Baby Dress Up Game

    Little baby Austyn is about to go to his very first carnival in this girls’ game! His mom wants him to (...)
  • Online Baby Game

    Online Baby Game

    Babies: they’re very sweet, but such hard work! The babysitter in this girls’ game is exhausted after (...)
  • Baby’s Bedroom Clean Up

    Baby’s Bedroom Clean Up

    Little Melissa has been a naughty baby. She was playing with her toys, but when her mom left the room, (...)
  • Taking Care of Twins

    Taking Care of Twins

    We present the ultimate challenge for moms and nannies...taking care of several babies at once! It’s no (...)
  • Mother and Baby Game

    Mother and Baby Game

    It’s a lovely fall afternoon in our girls’ games, and Dana is taking her baby boy for a walk in the park. (...)

Play this online baby game for hours of fun !

Baby games that you play online often have the same basic idea. You need to look after online babies for as long as you can without letting them get upset. In this new free girls game, you need to take care of two babies by giving them everything they need, but just like in other girls games of this kind, you can only take care of one baby at a time.

Once you’ve choosen a babysitter, watch each baby carefully in our online baby games, to see what they need. Maybe you’re a girl who plays lots of online games like this, so you’ll know exactly how to handel these babies, but each of the online babies are different, and need different things.

Online Baby Games

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HottyGal001 HottyGal001 31.05.2012 à 4:19
So fun And CuteThis website is fun with all the games they have are fun!!!

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