Leapfrog games

Sketch to play in this new leapfrog game.

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Sketch to play in this new leapfrog game.

Leapfrog games are always fun, and it’s almost certain that you’ve played some sort of leapfrog girls games in your life already. This sketch it game is for girls who have a steady hand and are able to concentrate hard. There are other girls games like this on mygames4girls, where you need to use your brain to succeed!

Leapfrog games

4.2/5 - 413 votes
  • Miki178mimi
  • Cutedoll1234
  • Kiratk123
  • Iggyazelea
  • Crazylovingi
  • Daisy90876
  • Tutan3
  • Hasina
  • Blarrie
  • Robrivers

Leapfrog games comments from girls:

anamarcy anamarcy 25.02.2012 à 17:02
i liked this game and i had kept messing up by writing my name a whole bunch of times.
kathya2014 kathya2014 27.04.2011 à 16:20
i like this game it fun
sparklezbug sparklezbug 24.04.2011 à 1:54
man that game is so much fun but so hard
phoebelucious2000 phoebelucious2000 21.04.2011 à 17:14
i completed it all twice that was sooooo easy
mish2001 mish2001 21.04.2011 à 0:51
its really fun but hard
girltogo girltogo 17.04.2011 à 22:17
its realy hard
girltogo girltogo 17.04.2011 à 22:12
i like this game
charmesa charmesa 11.04.2011 à 6:21

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