Kissing at the swimming pool

Can you have a secret kiss at the swimming pool?

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Can you have a secret kiss at the swimming pool?

Kissing games are easy and fun to play. You get to have a sneaky kiss with your boyfriend, and always at some unusual new place. Well in this kissing game you’re going to have to try and sneak in a kiss or two at the local swimming pool.

Use your mouse button to kiss, but watch out for the other swimmers and the life guard - he’ll be very angry if he catches you kissing in his pool! There’s also someone snorkelling under the water, so watch out for him!

Kissing at the swimming pool

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Kissing at the swimming pool comments from girls:

LoviePony LoviePony 16.03.2013 à 12:53
I think that kissing your own boyfriend is a good thing because you can tell him that you really do love him
mandisa mandisa 12.06.2011 à 20:45
not the best
shamrie101 shamrie101 26.05.2011 à 22:44
baddkayla baddkayla 28.03.2011 à 23:16
how did they catch mee
armani09 armani09 18.10.2010 à 1:58
this game is awsome just like you caroline but it look like have a crush on somebody do just text me back if you do have a wonderful day
Alylicious Alylicious 21.08.2010 à 18:18
this game is okay
meggie12345 meggie12345 21.07.2010 à 22:16
i liked that game

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