Adopt an animal

AdAdopt an animal and then play around with it!

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  • Kitten Spot the Difference

    Kitten Spot the Difference

    Sisi is a very busy kitty: she has library books to read, lunches to go to, friends to see... In this (...)
  • The Sushi Cat

    The Sushi Cat

    Hachirou is a Japanese cat. Like a lot of Japanese cats, he loves sushi. Sushi is becoming more and more (...)
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    Look after a cat

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    Angel cat sugar

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  • Sick Kitty

    Sick Kitty

    Princess Snowflake is sick. Who is she? Why, she is the richest cat in the universe of course! Imagine (...)
  • Cat and dog dress up games

    cat and dog dress up games

    Today is the marriage of a dog and a cat. All the neighborhood pets are welcome even if they are all very (...)
  • Cute Cat Date

    Cute Cat Date

    Do you ever wonder what all the neighborhood cats get to when you’re not around? Have you noticed how they (...)
  • Cat Dress Up

    Cat Dress Up

    Carla is so lucky! Her best friend has just gone on holiday and asked her to look after her most prized (...)
  • Little Kitten

    Little Kitten

    Do you like cats games? So much the better! This game for girls that we offer you, gives you the chance (...)
  •  Winter Clothes Collection

    Winter Clothes Collection

    Sisi the cat is in a bit of a pickle. She didn’t prepare for winter! She has spent the past couple of (...)
  • Cute Kitty Dress Up

    Cute Kitty Dress Up

    Auntie Meredith is coming to stay. Do you know what that means? Precious the kitty is coming to stay too! (...)

AdAdopt an animal and then play around with it!

Finally, heres a great game where you can have a pet of your own, to adopt and then look after like a real pet!

Adopt an animal

4.4/5 - 1220 votes
  • ZoellaSweeth
  • ClaireDiva9
  • BeautifulBel
  • TessaYoung
  • Witch
  • Mkenzie
  • Smoyc
  • Mena0806
  • Millicent231
  • BrownEyedCut

Adopt an animal comments from girls:

kittypurry321 kittypurry321 10.10.2012 à 21:18
i named my dog Boringgame just for fun! this game is boring but cute ruff ruff :3 mew meow
chocolate12456 chocolate12456 04.06.2012 à 8:04
I love it gets boring sometimes but I like it is a good site but it needs more games on it not the same old games all the time
ILoveHelloKitty ILoveHelloKitty 27.12.2011 à 19:45
I love this game!! It's soooooo cute! I want a cat now! I'm really crazy about this game...not really. By the way, i'm new! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Well, bye now girls...How long does my comment have to be, Man! the computer is saying my message is too short. "Can u plz tell the girls a bit more" I mean, how long does it have to be??!!!Bye>
ILoveHelloKitty ILoveHelloKitty 27.12.2011 à 19:41
I love this game!! It's soooooo cute! I want a cat now! I'm really crazy about this game...not really. By the way, i'm new! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Well, bye now girls.
ILoveHelloKitty ILoveHelloKitty 27.12.2011 à 19:36
I love this game!! It's soooooo cute! I want a cat now! By the way, i'm new! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!Bye Bye!!
iloverayray1 iloverayray1 08.08.2011 à 22:40
i love this game i love rayray from mindless behavior
kierra101 kierra101 21.12.2010 à 18:03
cool it is so awesome anna why dont you like it
Princess4200 Princess4200 23.11.2010 à 1:52
The name is "Net Pet" Not "Adopt An Animal" and I am new and well you know. THIS GAME IS AWESOME!
blondgirl1 blondgirl1 21.11.2010 à 4:50
its so cute i luv it and i'm new and i'm prowd of it peace out
lalalolo lalalolo 09.10.2010 à 16:13
aari24 aari24 05.10.2010 à 2:30
this game is ok but im a little too old for pet games like this 1B-
SilkyCurls98 SilkyCurls98 05.09.2010 à 3:49
hey anyone out there who ........yeah i just got an account yesterday so i have no idea what to say but yeah this games rocks i love pupies so in crazy about this games..... not realllllllly well bye
lexis lexis 18.04.2009 à 16:48
It's okay, but i'm not really in too pet games
tracey tracey 08.04.2009 à 23:52
i love animals
precious precious 12.11.2008 à 5:56
these are ome crazy animals
Jean Jean 02.11.2008 à 10:21
I really like this game
nicole nicole 09.06.2008 à 15:45
i animals
Anna Anna 24.05.2008 à 13:42
I don't like the animal games, I think they're silly.

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