Top Model, Anita!

Find a nice outfit to suit Anita, the model from Sweden!

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Find a nice outfit to suit Anita, the model from Sweden!

A great game for girls here! In this game you’ll have to dress up Anita - but you have SO much choice! There are so many different clothes and accessories and shoes and everything else! Anita is from Sweden and she has taken all her great cool clothes with her for you to help her try on! With her lovely thin figure and her big blue eyes, what outfit do you think will suit her best?

Anita has a big choice if shoes and hates too, to go with all the many skirts and trousers and everything else! It’s just like you’re looking at her real wardrobe! But what will you choose? When you’ve finished, maybe you’ll want to compare with your friends to see who has done the nicest outfit - or you can start again and give Anita a totally different look. Or else, why not have a go at one of the other games on our website specially for fun girls!

Top Model, Anita!

4.1/5 - 1698 votes
  • Oluranti1
  • Savannah1020
  • Sheonjw
  • Abigail20
  • MissCoCo
  • Neonflower5
  • Skatergirl12
  • SaraNellieKa
  • Cupcake109
  • Ebony1996

Top Model, Anita! comments from girls:

FunnyVanessa123 FunnyVanessa123 27.07.2013 à 21:34
Well I Ddint Like this game But I Liked Her Some Clothes Its So Awsome I Dressed Her Up So Pretty
divastar22 divastar22 11.06.2012 à 23:40
Kiss Ur hand 5 times and post this on 5 other games and look under Ur pillow 4 a pink I pad
sariah123 sariah123 01.08.2011 à 16:16
oh my god she look so good and i want to look like you girl and those clothes look so beautiful
mallisa809 mallisa809 21.02.2011 à 18:07
i don like it so much cause it like kinda babyish!!!
zeenatfatma zeenatfatma 12.12.2010 à 10:28
i don,t like this what is this
fittaz fittaz 15.11.2010 à 4:02
good games
lucykiss7 lucykiss7 25.08.2010 à 22:02
this game is cool
london london 05.07.2009 à 22:10
it was at lot babyish
falo30 falo30 16.02.2009 à 14:17
i thought this game was awful!!
Demi Demi 28.12.2008 à 18:05
I thought the game was a bit babyish

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