Pet Shop Game

Work on this lovely cat in a beauty salon for pets!

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Work on this lovely cat in a beauty salon for pets!

This free game for girls will help you makeover a cat in a beauty salon. You will have all the necessary equipment to make it beautiful in this game girls animal game. You’ll be able to put rhinestones and jewels on its tail and change its color by clicking on the sprays that are on the front of the game. Then in this fun pet game for girls, you can choose a beautiful necklace with a matching medal.

Pet Shop Game

4.4/5 - 1333 votes
  • Witch
  • ClaireDiva9
  • Smoyc
  • TessaYoung
  • BrownEyedCut
  • Rakel1234
  • Deebianca
  • Desmoni
  • Faythlyn11
  • Jannas

Pet Shop Game comments from girls:

Daneille13 Daneille13 11.01.2013 à 0:37
love the game i would play it all day but then it would get borin but still this kitten is cute
klaus123 klaus123 15.05.2012 à 18:23
aashiya aashiya 17.04.2012 à 7:13
THIS GAME IS AWESOME I LOVE THE LITTLE SUGAR BALL,FLUFFY SHE IS SO CUTE I JUST WANT TO HER SHE MAKES ME FEEL BRAND NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
divastar22 divastar22 18.11.2011 à 2:13
This game rocks! I think pet shops are out EVERYWHERE! and don't forget.... MYGAMES4GIRLS is cool
Louise Louise 07.05.2011 à 13:48
cool game and that picture is me on it
kool_cat12389 kool_cat12389 27.12.2010 à 14:47
i love Pet Shop Game
naila186 naila186 24.10.2010 à 7:32
i love this game
naila186 naila186 24.10.2010 à 7:32
this game is awsome
LollieMonster LollieMonster 30.08.2009 à 22:27
Aww! That little ball of sugar is too cute to resist!
adalis adalis 14.04.2009 à 4:33
cool game

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