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Help Thea pick a cool outfit for Friday 13!

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Help Thea pick a cool outfit for Friday 13!

Are you superstitious? Some girls and boys believe that seeing black cats, walking under ladders or breaking mirrors can bring them back luck. Our friend Thea is the most superstitious girl we’ve ever met, and in this dress up game she’s super nervous because unlucky Friday 13 has arrived once again. Can you pick her a cute outfit to ward off any bad luck in this emo dress up game?

Thea is a cool emo girl, and you’ll find loads of punky or goth items in her wardrobe in this dress up game. Pick a cool t-shirt and jeans or a pretty dress for her to wear on Friday 13th, then finish off her new look with piercings, accessories and a cute punky hairstyles. Hopefully this emo girl will feel so good about her new look that she’ll forget all about Friday 13! Have fun, and keep browsing our girls’ games for more fashion fun with emo and goth girls.

Emo Girl Game

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