Dora Mermaid Dress Up Game

Dora the Explorer has been turned into a beautiful mermaid! Let’s join her under the sea...

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How to play the game "Dora Mermaid Dress Up Game"?

Dora the Explorer has been on many adventures in her lifetime. She has climbed some huge mountains, travelled through tropical jungles, swam through roaring rivers and been all around the world. There is one thing that she has always wanted to do though, but has never been given the chance. Dora has always wanted to transform into a mermaid and swim at the bottom of the sea! Many girls have this dream, to meet other mermaids and find out what life underwater is like. Well, Dora is lucky, as in this free celebrity game for girls, she has been given a chance! Read more

While Dora was dreaming last night, a spell was cast over her by her guardian angel, and she has been turned into a mermaid for twenty four hours! The other mermaids are so excited to see her, and have decided to throw a party in celebration! Dora is super excited, but she has no idea what to wear! Some of the other mermaids have brought some outfits over for her to try on. Can you help her decide which one to wear in this Dora mermaid game? Wow, she looks beautiful! Girls, would you ever like to be turned into a mermaid?



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