Flower decorating game

Create a lovely flower bouquet in this online decorating game for girls!

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Create a lovely flower bouquet in this online decorating game for girls!

Do you like flowers? Would you like to grow and make your own bouquet? In this free online girls game, you can become a florist and create a beautiful flower bouquet to keep for yourself or give to your friends. You can grow your own flowers and make a special bouquet for weddings, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or birthdays; any occasion where you want to give someone a beautiful and fragrant present with this decorating game.

This online girls decorating game is easy to play, just follow steps 1-5 to create your lovely display. You can choose the type and color of your flowers, and also choose stems and leaves as well as the stigma, the center of the flower. When you’ve finished, press "show" to display your beautiful bouquet. Enjoy this girls game and find more online fun with Mygames4girls.com!

Flower decorating game

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Flower decorating game comments from girls:

ilovecooking23 ilovecooking23 27.05.2012 à 8:31
so cool it is really cute because i love flowers:->
Jade123 Jade123 19.03.2012 à 19:47
Great game in the world the best hope you like it too.Leave your message as well on the game so we can see them and what you think of it.

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