Makeover Lady Gaga and Beyonce

Lady Gaga and Beyonce both need a new look in this star game, so grab your makeup bag and get to work!

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Lady Gaga and Beyonce both need a new look in this star game, so grab your makeup bag and get to work!

Love celebrity makeover games? Then you’ll love the extra special makeover game we have lined up for you girls today, because it stars not one, but two of the biggest names in music: Lady Gaga and Beyonce! As you probably know, these glamorous pop girls collaborated on a song called ’Telephone’ a couple of years back, and since then they’ve stayed good friends. Today they’re about to share the stage at a huge charity concert in Los Angeles, and they both want to look their absolute best for this special event. Think you can find a brand new look for Lady Gaga and Beyonce in this star makeover game?

Makeover Lady Gaga and Beyonce

4.5/5 - 83 votes
  • Sassynelly12
  • Lynda1
  • Genevieve
  • Chocolate_lo
  • Rabnzel
  • Titigirlprin
  • Katana7700
  • Ek636
  • Elsa6129
  • Shortie2425

Makeover Lady Gaga and Beyonce comments from girls:

KatCee KatCee 23.04.2013 à 23:48
Lady GaGa is the gueen. Gueen G. That B girl needs to S.T.O.P She is ok at singing but not as good as GaGa.
DJ_rock_Girl DJ_rock_Girl 31.12.2012 à 10:43
I liked this game cauze I am a fan of ladygaga. if u like ladygaga pls add me
tasnimnasser tasnimnasser 22.12.2012 à 19:47
Beyonce has better clothes and accessories but lady gaga has better make up and hair so i kind of like dressing lady gaga more lol
aussiegirl aussiegirl 29.06.2012 à 11:18
its not the best game buts ok i think it doesnt have a big range of stuff and beynoce might have tatoo
ashyria ashyria 27.06.2012 à 0:06
beyonce look wired if you think so be my friend but i love this game the best ever
lovelyskiStar lovelyskiStar 03.06.2012 à 3:26
gaga always wheres weird clothes so i made gaga look bad like she usually looks in her stage clothes
Bieber Bieber 22.05.2012 à 23:31
love this game!!!!! and lady gaga. one of my favorite games so far!!!!!
kkdagirl101 kkdagirl101 04.05.2012 à 0:29
nice game everyone should play it best game i have ever played in a long long time

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