Crazy Hair with Miley Cyrus

Give the Hannah Montana actress a great new look!

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Give the Hannah Montana actress a great new look!

Comb? Check. Hair dryer? Check. Scissors? Check. Great, you’re ready to give Miley Cyrus a brand new look in this hair game for girls! The Hannah Montana star girl is bored of her famous blonde hair, and she wants you to give her a crazy new style before her next big show. If you’ve ever dreamt of being a hairdresser or a celebrity stylist, you can give it a try in this Miley Cyrus makeover game!

Blowdry, dry, cut and shave Miley Cyrus’ hair any way you like in this celebrity game. What sort of hairstyle are you going to choose? Short and punky, long and girly, with bright pink streaks or cute curls? Don’t worry if you make a mistake, because in our girls’ games you can make her hair grow back in just a few seconds! Want to play more Miley Cyrus games with the famous Hannah Montana actress? Check out the celebrity games section, you’ll find Miley and lots of other star girls there!

Crazy Hair with Miley Cyrus

4.3/5 - 902 votes
  • Aqualeena
  • AugustineJay
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  • Angana
  • Charlottecak
  • Snowglow
  • Nickfamily
  • Erinrgruhn

Crazy Hair with Miley Cyrus comments from girls:

vaul123 vaul123 31.05.2014 à 0:09
Im so mad at Miley now. When I was little I used to watch Hannah all the time with my dad. I used to hear Best Of Both Worlds. Now all I hear is Wrecking Ball. Srry Miley.
hipie2456 hipie2456 08.09.2013 à 21:33
miley cyrus please i want the old hannah back rest in peace hannah miss you
nayely1D nayely1D 02.07.2013 à 0:33
i tried to do it how she has it know i think she is just tryin to to be more cool cuz of the peace signs she duz but the peace sign is so old
mizztoofly mizztoofly 30.06.2013 à 20:13
I did her hair the miley cyrus new hairstyle way .I used to Hannah Montana but not no more
bratzlover101 bratzlover101 23.02.2013 à 18:12
Paigerella Paigerella 12.11.2012 à 19:31
oh my gosh!i put her hair in a mohawk!i cant imagine her really having a mohawk!can you?!:->
Rosarie Rosarie 17.10.2012 à 18:21
hey you guys the game is realy fun love itso play it wow
vaul123 vaul123 28.06.2012 à 20:41
wow i cant believe miley cyrus wannts crazy hair! this game is so much fun and crazy!
ellabellaboo ellabellaboo 06.06.2012 à 19:42
this game is awsome you should play it!!!< you can do a hair doo on miley

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