Bedroom Decorating Game

Find decoration inspiration with this girls’ bedroom game.

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How to play the game "Bedroom Decorating Game"?

It’s time to do a big spring clean and give your room a whole new look! In this decorating game, you’ll get to decorate a girl’s bedroom from top to bottom. You can pick the colors or the patterned wallpaper you like best to decorate the walls, choose carpets, rugs and drapes, and fill it with all sorts of furniture. You’ll need a desk, a bed, chairs and toys to make this bedroom complete! Try as many different combinations of colors and styles as you like in this girls’ game. Once you’ve arranged the room exactly as you want it, click ‘next’ to print out the picture and show it to your friends or to start again. Read more

What does your bedroom like? Is it covered with posters, pictures and drawings? Maybe this girls’ game will give you some new decorating ideas! If you love decorating rooms or houses, the fun doesn’t end here. We have loads more games for you to play so you can perfect your interior design talents and create the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. You’ll soon be ready to turn your house upside down and give each and every room a brand-new look!