Become a Super Mom Game

In this game, you’re the mom! Look after your newborn baby and be the best mom in the world!

Your game will begin in a few seconds! :)
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How to play the game "Become a Super Mom Game"?

Like many girls and girl gamers, we bet you love adorable little babies! You’ll love this game where you can take on the role of mom!
Be careful, though - babies are a lot of work! They need round the clock attention and you’ll need to feed this little toddler, rock him to sleep, play with him and sing soothing lullabies to keep him happy.
Once you’re sure you’ve made your baby as happy as he can be and proven yourself to be a super mommy, you can spend a little time getting dressed up! Pick out a gorgeous outfit to suit a busy mom lifestyle and, once you’re ready, why not take baby for a walk in the park?
Can you be a Super Mom?