6 Reasons You Should See The New Cinderella Movie

Everyone knows the story of Cinderella. But now it’s been all 2015-ified: Disney have remade the classic tale in a brand new movie!

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You know the story, but WE know you want to read a quick summary of it to refresh your memory after all those hours you’ve spent laughing at pictures of cats online.

A nice girl gets muddled up with some mean girls because her Dad’s a blithering fool and marries Lady Tremaine the Most Horrible. Dad instantly regrets this decision but he’s stuck now and then sefishly dies anyway. Lady Tremaine brings her two daughters, the unfortunately nicknamed Ugly Sisters, and they’re about as delightful as spiders living under your eyelids.

Lady Tremaine and her dire daughters are then invited to a royal ball and spend ages making Cinderella prepare their shoes, dresses and whatnot, whilst pointing out to her how hideous she is and how handsome Prince Charming (who’s throwing the ball) would never look twice at her.*

*This is alarming because Cinderella is in fact a magnificently beautiful specimen, infinitely more attractive than her stepmother and sisters because she’s just so lovely on the inside. Look at her being all lovely. Lovely.

The Smug Squad head off to the ball at last, and Cinderella mopes about feeling dead sad. Until her Fairy Godmother turns up that is! She waves her wand about willy-nilly and sends Cinders off to the ball where she has such a riot of a time dancing with Prince Charming, that she loses her shoe and forgets to be home by midnight like she was told.

Cinders dashes away and Prince Charming is left holding Cinderella’s glass shoe like a twit holding a glass shoe. The prince wanders about asking ladies to try on the shoe, and despite a lot of stinky toes being waved in his face, none of them can fit into the shoe.

Prince Charming is left holding Cinderella’s glass shoe like a twit holding a glass shoe.

The Prince eventually rocks up to Lady Tremaine’s house and insists that Cinderella (seeing as she is a lady and has feet) try on the shoe. It fits like a glass glove and, while her stepsisters look on in horror, Cinderella plays her trump card: she whips out the second glass shoe!

The Prince whisks Cinderella off and marries her faster than you can say ‘blimey they only just met’’, and they live happily ever after. Cinderella wins.

That’s a rundown of the famous fairytale, but why should you bother seeing that tired old story AGAIN? Well, we’ll tell you.

  1. We discovered why she’s called Cinderella!! Her stepsisters make her do all the housework, including sweeping ash in the fireplace, otherwise known as cinders. Her real name is Ella, and the oh-so-witty Ugly Sisters put them together. Cinder + Ella = Cinderella!
  2. Helena Bonham Carter. Yes, that is a reason in itself.
  3. The Prince is so handsome. And he gallavants about on horseback all swashbuckle-y with his twinkly white teeth. And he’s lovely to Cinderella. And he sees right through the gruesome twosome.
  4. You’ll laugh at all the hilarious jokes, you’ll hate the wicked Lady Tremaine, and you’ll want to swish about in a big dress and go to a ball… sigh.
  5. They’ve revamped Cinderella’s LBD (Large Blue Dress) and it looks amazingly amazing, despite being absolutely enormous. It’s like she’s being eaten by a blue meringue in a very stylish way.
  6. Let’s face it, you don’t have anything better to do and it gives you something to look forward to while the weather is cold and dreary.

Cinder + Ella = Cinderella - who knew, right?!

Cinderella is out on the 13th March 2015 in the US and the 27th March in the UK.

More good news? We’ve been our usual lovely selves and got the trailer for you to watch with your peepers. We’ll admit it gave us goosebumps quite a lot.


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