What Does Your Star Sign Say About Your Look?

In the same way the month you’re born in is said to affect your personality, it can affect your facial features too!

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Believe it or not, your Zodiac sign is said to influence your appearance! Now we’re taking that with a pinch of salt; we’ve all met Cancer signs who don’t have big snapping claws and live under rocks, and Leos who don’t have enormous manes of hair and live off raw meat...

So, what does your star sign say about your looks?


Strong, angular features; perhaps a prominent chin, nose or mouth. Aries is usually fair- or red-haired and a bit of an eccentric dresser, wearing lots of the Aries color: red.


Taurus has thick features, for example very full lips. Taurus commonly has an oval-shaped face, and thick, shiny hair. The best colors for Taurus? Green and brown! Excellent news if you’re planning on joining the army.


Bright, sparkling eyes give away a Gemini instantly. Gemini’s are frequently tall and long-limbed (we’re not sure if that means all long-legged spiders are Geminis?). Geminis are fond of yellow and silver, and are always changing their mind about their favorite clothes!


Dark hair, a round chin and fair complexion suggest our crabby friend Cancer. Cancer’s whole appearance implies a soft dreaminess, and they’re often small to average height. Cancer signs prefer white and black colors. Crabs love monochrome.


Leo often has strong features, a wide forehead and lots of thick hair, usually blonde or red. If you’re a Leo, you ooze sophistication and class, and love to accessorise with jewelry. Or dead zebras, you lioness you. Yellow is the best color for Leo girls.


Virgo tends to look serious; conservative but elegant. Reluctant to show off, Virgo always has well-chosen, tasteful clothes, usually in green and yellow colors.


An oval face is common in Libra. They are usually on the taller side, and every inch of their appearance suggests calm, charm and finesse (lucky Libra!). Libra loves blue tones and all shades of red and always looks simply perfect!


Wide shoulders are common for Scorpio, and a square face with totally piercing, magnetic eyes (they must be a nightmare around fridges). Thick, brown hair and red and black clothes are favorites of Scorpio.


Sagittarius signs are basically the tallest people ever. They’re enormous. Thick hair and smiling lips (even when they’re grumpy), radiating energy and charm and big on casual clothes, Saggitarius also loves red, orange and indigo.


If you’re a Capricorn, you may be slender and small. Fine features and serious eyes imply your maturity and thoughtfulness. Big fans of a neutral palette, Capricorns love black, greys, green and brown.


Like Gemini, it’s sparkling, inquisitive eyes to look out for in Aquarius. With dark, thick hair and a calm smile, Aquarius is always vivacious and fun. Aquarius signs love indigo and dark blue.


Pisces is the most flexible of all the signs for looks. They may often have large eyes, but otherwise their appearance can be like their personality: impossible to pin down... Sorry Pisces! The favored colors of a Pisces are purple, blue and green.

We can see flaws in the idea that people under the same month all have similar features (just saying), but either way it could be an idea to draw inspiration from your star sign’s suggestion and invoke some celestial style. Unless you’re a Pisces.

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