Marshmallow Snowman Recipe

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How cute are these sugary snowmen? The holiday season is upon us and everything may be a bit hectic at home. Why not give your friends and family a festive treat by making some sweet, snowy snacks for them to enjoy? They’re super easy to make, and even easier to eat!

Marshmallow Snowmen

- white marshmallows
- edible pens
- skewers
- candy corn OR dried papaya
- large gum drops
- whole cloves OR chopped up pretzel sticks (UK girls, try using chopped up Matchmakers)
- a sharp knife
- light corn syrup

What to do:

  1. Pick out two marshmallows and skewer them, one on top of the other. Skewers can be sharp, so be careful!
  2. With a black edible pen, make dots on the top marshmallow for the eyes and mouth. With another color of your choice, make dots for buttons on the second marshmallow.
  3. Cut off the yellow bottom of a piece of candy corn and dip the flat end in light corn syrup. Press onto the top marshmallow for the carrot nose. You can also do this with dried papaya if candy corn is unavailable.
  4. Press cloves, pretzel sticks or matchmaker pieces into the sides of the lower marshmallow for the arms. If this is proving difficult, use a toothpick to make holes first.
  5. With a sharp knife, very carefully cut a large gum drop in half. This is your snowman’s hat! Place it on top of his head, and your festive friend is done! Although we do recommend laying him on his back for at least a few hours to ensure that his cute carrot nose stays put.

What a simple Christmas recipe! Have fun making these yummy, frosty nibbles, and remember not to keep them all to yourself when it comes to eating them! Happy Holidays!