Harry Styles’s Mum Cashes in on his Fame!

Harry from 1D’s mum has sold her car, using Harry as a selling tool!

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It seems Anne Cox has discovered a new marketing technique, if you want to sell something fast and for a top price, make sure every knows just exactly who your son is! Well, that’s if your son happens to be in the world’s biggest boyband.
Anne is the mother of One Direction sweetheart Harry Styles. Harry bought his mum a Mini Cooper for Mother’s Day last year, which she recently decided to sell online. How harsh that she’s decided to sell it already! Anne made a cheeky £6000 (roughly $9,500) by selling her car on eBay, stating that it was "owned by Harry Styles’s Mum" and attached a photo of the gorgeous boybander driving the car.
As well as being the new owner of the 2-door, silver convertible, the winning bidder also got the chance to meet Anne face to face. That’s right, not Harry, but Anne. Oh well, she is the woman who brought him into this world, without her there would be no 1D! Let’s hope the lucky buyer at least got a cup of tea and the chance to coo at some baby photos of Harry, we bet he was such a cute baby, but...do you think he’s always had the same hairstyle?