Bag Design For Girls

It’s time to get crafty with this bag making tutorial for girls!

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How to Make Your Own Bag

Don’t you just love being complimented on an outfit? It’s even better when it’s something you’ve made yourself, right? This super simple fashion tutorial shows you how to make a totally individual bag from just an old skirt and a pair of pants. Take a look and let’s get crafting!

A Unique Bag for School

Girls, notice at 1.25 that a sewing machine is used. This is crucial for making sure the bag is strong enough to hold all of your things, but you must ask an adult for help when using one of these things.Getting it right takes a little practise, and they can be dangerous if not used correctly.

We love it! Not only can you improve your sewing skills, but you can wow your friends with a totally unique bag for storing your books in. You could even make lots of different ones and give them to your friends as presents! Tell us in the comments how you got on with creating your own bag. Also, all you budding fashionistas, don’t forget to try out our fashion designer games!