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The mygames4girls website and its team are dynamic, and there’s no limit to their creativity. With growing visibility every single day, why not use us as a platform for your advertising campaigns?

This can result in :

- a complete big-impact marketing strategy, to give your campaign the greatest visibility
the installation of your advertising banners in our spaces dedicated to advertising.
- the installation of your advertising banners in our dedicated advertising spaces
- multiple partnerships for an even better positioning

With sites in English, French, Spanish and German, we reach a variety of users worldwide every day. Not only does our content reach children, it reaches parents too, so advertising has the ability to be extremely well targeted.

Our growing amount of users are constantly engaged, and advertising is consistently placed in optimum positions around our content, ensuring that it is never missed.

If you are an advertiser, or are simply interested in a partnership, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information :

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