Tooth Fairy Game

Try to collect as many teeth as possible with this tooth fairy game.

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Losing a tooth is never fun... unless the Tooth Fairy leaves you some money in exchange, that is! Whether you’ve still got some baby teeth or whether they fell out long ago, you’ll get another visit from the Tooth Fairy in this girls’ game. Use your mouse to help him fly from house to house, collecting all the teeth that little boys and girls have left under their pillows. The Tooth Fairy is a little bit forgetful and sometimes he might miss out a house or two, so fly backwards as well as forwards to find all the lost teeth. Read more

But watch out: there are owls, flies and even alien spaceships flying around in this girls’ game, and if the Tooth Fairy bumps into one the game will end! If you love fairies and other magical creatures, you’ll love the girls’ games on Use the search bar to find fairy games and loads more adventures for girls, and remember to leave us a comment to tell us what you think of the games!