Pedicure Training Game

Have you ever been given a pedicure?

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How to play the game "Pedicure Training Game"?

Nicky and Vicky are twins. They have always done everything together from the day they were born and they share all the same interests. However, there is one difference between them. Vicky loves getting her fingernails done, whereas Nicky loves getting her toenails done! They are always arguing about which is best! So, in this beauty game, they have decided to open a salon so that customers can decide for themselves! Er, how does that work then? Well, upstairs, Vicky will give customers manicures and downstairs, Nicky will give customers pedicures... of course! Read more

Now you are working in Nicky’s section of the salon. Your first customer has walked through the door and she wants to go upstairs to Vicky’s department, so you must convince her that pedis are so much better than manis! The best part about your pedicure service is that you also help them choose a purse and a skirt that will match the new design on their toenails, and you give them a free temporary tattoo as well! This customer is smiling already, and Vicky isn’t happy!



Pedicure Training is one of my favorites! We clearly have awesome taste! Come and play more of my fave nail games!