Making Magic Potions!

Add all the ingredients to make magic potions, that will turn this witch into...who knows what?!?!

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Add all the ingredients to make magic potions, that will turn this witch into...who knows what?!?!

Heres a really fun game where you can test your spell making and sorcery powers!

Start by clicking on the scary looking witch! Then you’ll see a cauldron in the middle of the room surrounded by lots of magic potions. Each of the yellow markers highlights a different type of potion. To make a spell you need to add a different potion from each section. As you add them you’ll see the spaces at the bottom of the game filling up with the potions you have used - like a list of ingredients.

When you’ve got all your ingredients, click on the pink "END" bag, and see what you have turned your witch into!!!

...will she be a beautiful princess or a toad? a young baby or maybe even an ugly monster!!! This game is so much fun, and you can play it time and time and time again to see what different potions will make your witch turn into!!! Then send the game to your friends by clicking the "send to a friend" button!

Making Magic Potions!

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Making Magic Potions! comments from girls:

teesha111 teesha111 02.12.2011 à 6:48
i dont really understand this but its really not working out for me and others maybe so if u no what it means plz tell me thx bye .
lazy123 lazy123 15.01.2011 à 22:04
ok this is weird im kiding

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