Hair and make up time!

Find a lovely make up look for Lolita, and a great new hair style too!

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Find a lovely make up look for Lolita, and a great new hair style too!

Wow! Look at beautiful Lolita! There are lots of dress up games around, but this one is really special. If you love elegance and looking lovely, you’ll really love to dress up Lolita. She’s naturally very beautiful anyway, but in this great game for girls you’ll be able to give her some really "pizaz!". Start by clicking on her hair to give her a whole new hair style. There are lots of great styles, so become a real hairdresser and choose what looks fantastic on her! When you’re finished doing that, click on her clothes a few times to see some of the beautiful outfits that she has looked out to try on! Which outfits go best with which hair styles? Thats up to you!

Hair and make up time!

4.3/5 - 1345 votes
  • Witch
  • Mkenzie
  • ClaireDiva9
  • Smoyc
  • TessaYoung
  • BrownEyedCut
  • Rakel1234
  • Deebianca
  • Desmoni
  • Kally9

Hair and make up time! comments from girls:

shaniqueangeliquenicholas shaniqueangeliquenicholas 25.11.2011 à 21:14
It was a cool game i wish i was as pretty like she was
linndie linndie 17.01.2011 à 0:06
Madison Hudgens Madison Hudgens 06.09.2009 à 16:58
this game is awesome
wendy wendy 20.05.2009 à 7:16
i totally love this game
nicole nicole 11.04.2009 à 18:39
This game is AMAZING.......I wonder if I can ever look like that. anyway FABULOUS. lol. I hope you find it AMAZING and FABULOUS.
leah luvin toma leah luvin toma 17.02.2009 à 18:04
omgg (: now tht im finished wiv her i wish i cud look like tht it really is... AH-MAZIN! LMAOO coz if i did i wudnt be stittin on ma laptop playin games! i wud be out wiv a different lad every night of tha week!!!
Nirvana Nirvana 14.02.2009 à 3:08
wow this game is so cool
bella_damia bella_damia 13.02.2009 à 16:48
aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!could i be like her???
sofiya sofiya 08.02.2009 à 21:20
It is really fun
mayar mayar 07.02.2009 à 16:19
this game is so cool.
yasmin yasmin 03.02.2009 à 20:09
i really liked it
cerys cerys 27.01.2009 à 12:29
it was ok

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