Create The Boy of Your Dreams!

With these tools you can create the boy you thought you could only dream about!

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With these tools you can create the boy you thought you could only dream about!

Maybe you’ve already played the Eva Longoria Tiz Me game? Well this one is similar except that this can create your very own DREAM BOY!!!

Create The Boy of Your Dreams!

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  • Poksbaby123
  • Rosabellange
  • Catij
  • Misanifab
  • Adore_reese
  • Missdanae
  • Micahturner
  • Starfireangl
  • Krishonn
  • Lola7663

Create The Boy of Your Dreams! comments from girls:

joliegh13 joliegh13 09.11.2013 à 0:30
I think this game is cool because just created a guy that loks just like my crush at school
joliegh13 joliegh13 09.11.2013 à 0:24
so exited looks as close to my crush at school as I can get it
Miss_Cute_Bii Miss_Cute_Bii 06.08.2013 à 23:08
Who'd make a game like this?? I don't think tweens and teens wanna have a guy with ketchup red facial hair! Seriously!I have a asian crush even though I'm pale (if u gotta problem with dat listen ta dis: SKIN TONE IS JUST A COLOUR)but theres no SEXY tanning in skin! NOT FAIR!
Miss_Cute_Bii Miss_Cute_Bii 06.08.2013 à 22:58
Theres soooo many of the same virus popup saying : this is no joke! you are the 100.000th vister! AND .... AND AND AND AND ANNND Theres also loads of fake games that take u away from dis strange but cool website! This is ALL over this website by the way!
SanDyJonas SanDyJonas 26.06.2013 à 1:56
Hey Im SanDy Directioner And jonatic Add me Joe Jonas & Niall Horan Are My Boys
Conor17girl Conor17girl 16.06.2013 à 17:53
This is the best website ever because it is my first time on this website.
PopTrendsetter PopTrendsetter 25.05.2013 à 20:46
omg i made it like my crush the character is so much like him...but it will be better with more detail
987654 987654 20.05.2013 à 13:26
my one was so hot and dashing....this is really a wonderful game in which we can choose just how our future boyfriend should look..... i love this game.
nolly nolly 13.05.2013 à 11:27
my dream date will by sweet, loving, caring,cute and funny. he would love to play sports and be populur at school like me
mrshoran214 mrshoran214 03.05.2013 à 2:49
:* i made mine look mostly like niall horan becuuase i love one direction but i am a niall girl
bannabelle05 bannabelle05 31.03.2013 à 0:01
mine looks a little british , well mabye a little irish too.and a little nomle i guss we will stay short.
emila emila 14.03.2013 à 20:16
cool game he looks like harry styles:-> i love this game so much evn i made loads of boys even it loooks like the boys from one direction i love them tooo the one that i really love is harry styles
popmodel1 popmodel1 09.03.2013 à 14:47
this is a fun game i made a sexy one omg he was so fine you will not keep your eyes off this boy this is a the cutest thing i ever so fell like i am going to past out
bohare bohare 03.03.2013 à 9:35
so cute and he looks so sporty i woundre if he has abs i espesialy like that i made him irish because im irish two ah
CupcakesRock2003 CupcakesRock2003 24.02.2013 à 18:28
I made a remake of my crush Lol this game is so fun! i would rate to anyone with crushes!!! Id rate it 5/5!!! Please Play! Awsome game!! Thankz ~Molz~
jonny89000 jonny89000 07.02.2013 à 22:47
its cute Lol o_o i i wish he was my boyfriend in real that would be awesome
happyangell happyangell 20.01.2013 à 21:35
i made a cool and cute he is so handsome boy this game rocks hey guys what u made this site is ok not good or best can we chat or make friends hre if you know so tell ok
Diamondz609 Diamondz609 20.01.2013 à 19:21
my guy is super cute he has buzzy brown hair and brown eyes his name is luis he has a black shirt with a grey sweater and green shoes he also has a skate board and an mp3 he is adorable i love u luis lopez
AshleyTisday AshleyTisday 03.01.2013 à 10:53
This game is HOT!!!! Mygames4girls is cool Mygames4girls is the best site for girls ,
amyer12 amyer12 31.12.2012 à 22:52
mine is my crush ever since i started 1st grade he was adorable he like me in kindergarden and now i dont like him because i hanve a boyfriend now he is even cuter then my crush
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