Be a Real Make Up Artist!

Discover all the colourful ways to apply make-up!

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Discover all the colourful ways to apply make-up!

This is Lucy. Lucy is a lovely girl who loves dressing up and playing with her make-up. She finds it really good fun to try out all sorts of different styles with her make-up - sometimes she likes to just look pretty, sometimes she likes to look outrageous, and sometimes she likes to just look plain silly!

In this game for girls, you can be her make-up artist for the day, and apply whatever make-up you want! You’ll need to do her eyes, lips, skin tone, and eyeshadow, and then you can also add some accessories like a hat or some jewelery!

There are lots of fun make over games on, so why don’t you wrote "makeover" into the search box at the top of the page, and see what other games you can find!

Be a Real Make Up Artist!

4.1/5 - 1835 votes
  • Julianne452
  • Auntieart
  • Sparkles199
  • Mero10
  • Tealcutiepie
  • Shelby1
  • Sgkvhk123
  • Mulligein
  • Jessicaluvud
  • Loomqueen123

Be a Real Make Up Artist! comments from girls:

yasiman yasiman 21.10.2012 à 14:25
i guess it is an alright game but she needs more things!!! if u want to be my friend add me
Cboggs Cboggs 16.10.2011 à 23:02
It is all right i mean she needs mor hair styles.It is a good game yo play
kk16016 kk16016 26.11.2010 à 22:00
Samantha58501 Samantha58501 23.08.2010 à 22:38
it was not the best game, it was ok
letizia letizia 30.07.2009 à 11:43
is a perfect games
siba siba 05.07.2009 à 13:57
i thin it is ok
jameria jameria 03.07.2009 à 22:07
it wascool
jameria jameria 03.07.2009 à 22:04
it was cool.
chloe chloe 06.06.2009 à 21:23
It was ok ,its not the bestest game ,but i liked da make-up.
AlExSiA AlExSiA 11.05.2009 à 9:07
ambra ambra 07.05.2009 à 1:39
i like da clothes and da jewlrey
shirah shirah 21.02.2009 à 15:52
this game is really cool dont u think
shirah shirah 21.02.2009 à 15:50
yep i like it 2
heidi heidi 02.10.2008 à 17:41
love it
shine gorayeb shine gorayeb 13.09.2008 à 6:38
so enjoyable!!!

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