New Haircut and Hair style

Give a new haircut and hairstyle to Adriana...she needs it badly!

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Give a new haircut and hairstyle to Adriana...she needs it badly!

In this free girls’ game you’re about to meet Adriana, a very smart girl who is a little shy and settled in her ways when it comes to style. For years and years, Adriana has worked the same look, and now that she’s getting older, she feels that it’s time to try something different. She’s also about to move to a bigger school, so she wants to make a good impression on her new classmates! This cute girl has decided that she wants a new super fashionable haircut and hairstyle, but she may need a little help...

Adriana has no idea about hairstyles, trends or hair accessories. She’s going to need some tips from a top girl-gaming hair stylist: that’s you! This girl has heard about your amazing taste and styling techniques and is very excited to let you style her hair in this free girls’ game! You’ll need to wash, rinse and cut her hair in this hairstyling game. Do you think you’ve got what it takes? Show us what you can do, and help give Adriana a huge confidence boost before her first day at the new school!

New Haircut and Hair style

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