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Find the matching pairs of cards to win this great game!

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  • Fluttershy’s Make Up

    Fluttershy’s Make Up

    Calling all Equestria Girls fans...Fluttershy needs you! It turns out that this pretty pony has spent so (...)
  • Rainbow Dash’s Makeover

    Rainbow Dash’s Makeover

    Rainbow Dash, the sportiest of all the Equestria Girls needs your fashion advice, stat! She is heading (...)
  • Equestria Girls Memory Game

    Equestria Girls Memory (...)

    Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and the rest of the Equestria Girls love to play hide and seek in (...)
  • Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash Dress Up

    Equestria Girls Rainbow (...)

    Are you a fan of the My Little Pony adventures? If you are, you must have seen The Magic of Friendship (...)
  • My Little Pony Equestria Girls Game

    My Little Pony Equestria (...)

    Have you heard of the new kids on the block? Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, (...)
  • The Equestria Girls Bakery

    The Equestria Girls Bakery

    The Pinkie Pie Bakery has just opened downtown! Pinkie has been rushed off her feet to say the least, but (...)

Find the matching pairs of cards to win this great game!

This game for girls is a lovely fun memory game with lots of different levels. Start by clicking on practice and you’ll see how to play the game - all you have to do is turn over two cards at a time, to see if you can find matching pictues.

My Little Pony

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My Little Pony comments from girls:

gymnasticsgirl gymnasticsgirl 11.02.2011 à 23:54
its OK but it needs to be harder

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