X-factor game

Help Mickie to find a great look to win her amazine voice!

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Help Mickie to find a great look to win her amazine voice!

Since she was selected for the competition "X factor" Mickie is the happiest girl in the world. She has worked her voice very ahrd to get here and she hopes to win the competition this year without too much difficulty.

But she needs your help to give her a fabulous look, to match her voice! You’ll need to choose between several hairstyles to properly define her style. To accessorize her dress, belts, sunglasses, hats and jewelry are at your disposal. Mickie’s counting on you to help her win the final, she has confidence in you because she has heard of your talents in the free dress up games. Think about leaving a little message for your girlfriends after the game in the comments.

X-factor game

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X-factor game comments from girls:

missmomo456 missmomo456 09.04.2012 à 10:49
boo this game is rubish worst game and how do you get a freind on hi world and how do you click done???
bibzboo bibzboo 05.11.2011 à 15:27
i don't really get what you are ment to do when you have dressed her!i like the choice of clothes though but you can't do the make up or anything!

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