Superheroes dress up

Dress us up like your favourite superheroes!

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Dress us up like your favourite superheroes!

Hey there! It’s Lee, Lea and Lilou here again, and we want to invite you to play with us in our latest of dress up games just for girls! This time we’ve decided to pick out the costumes of all our favourite super heroes like superman, cat woman and more!

We’d love it if you’d play with us by dressing each of us up in a great girls superhero costume. You can make it personal by changing the colors of any part of the costumes too - and why not change our hair color and more! Let us know what you think! Love Lea, Lilou and Lee xxxxxxx

Superheroes dress up

4.5/5 - 406 votes
  • Boone5137
  • Julianne452
  • Auntieart
  • Sparkles199
  • Mero10
  • Tealcutiepie
  • Shelby1
  • Sgkvhk123
  • Mulligein
  • Jessicaluvud

Superheroes dress up comments from girls:

dolcie dolcie 30.09.2011 à 13:37
lik dis game would play it again:->would you ffrom dolciexxx
BambizKizz BambizKizz 14.05.2011 à 18:17
I lik dis game its koolz
breesythehedgehog breesythehedgehog 07.02.2011 à 7:04
this game is the most awsomest game if seen so far!!
pecegirl pecegirl 03.10.2010 à 23:46
i love it
Rebeca Rebeca 30.09.2010 à 3:06
i love this game
XxGIRxLOVERxX XxGIRxLOVERxX 25.08.2010 à 22:07
teehee this game is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chuchi1000 chuchi1000 27.07.2010 à 1:27
meggie i agree i love this game so much to!!!
meggie12345 meggie12345 21.07.2010 à 21:28
i love this game because i have added it to my fav lists and i love doing dress up games they so creative

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