Spring dress up games

Help get a new seasons wardrobe.

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  • An Amazon Girl

    An Amazon Girl

    In all tribes there are men and women. But there is only one tribe with just women and this is a tribe (...)
  • Nice Lady dress up

    Nice Lady dress up

    There are lots of different styles of fashion that have been popular over the years, but in this lovely (...)
  • Princess Party Dresses

    Princess Party Dresses

    Tonight the King and Queen are throwing a huge party in the palace, and Princess Leticia is the guest of (...)
  • Ice Skater Outfit

    Ice Skater Outfit

    Winter has arrived, and it doesn’t take long for Cleo to jump onto the ice rink alongside other female (...)
  • Dance Couple Dress Up

    Dance Couple Dress Up

    Samantha is a real dancing queen! From hip-hop to salsa, this girl loves all sort of dance, and most (...)
  • A Girl from Outer Space!

    A Girl from Outer Space!

    You can expect to meet all sorts of strange creatures in space, from all the other planets that are out (...)
  • Tara Duncan Dress up

    Tara Duncan Dress up

    In tara duncan dress up games, she might not look like tara to start with, but with a few tweaks here and (...)
  • Dress Up a Japanese Girl

    Dress Up a Japanese Girl

    Have any of you girls ever visited Japan? Our friend Anita is a quarter Japanese, and in this traditional (...)
  • Dress up Princess Yoko

    Dress up Princess Yoko

    This little Princess is called Yoko. She’s the princess of a lovely castle and she has lots of wonderful (...)
  • Going on a bike ride

    Going on a bike ride

    Rebecca is so excited. Her family have just moved house to the countryside! She is missing her friends, (...)
  • Magic Game

    Magic Game

    Abracadabra - we’re about to meet a magician in this free dress up game! Ever since she was a little girl, (...)
  • Unicorn Dress Up Game

    Unicorn Dress Up Game

    How would you like to have your very own pet unicorn? Anything is possible in our girls’ games! Today (...)

Help get a new seasons wardrobe.

The new spring season is here and girls all around the world are putting away their warm winter clothes and coats, and getting out their clothes that are suitable for a warmer time. You might have seen some great new fashions in the shops though, just like the girl in this dress up game for girls, so to add to her last-years wardrobe she’s going shopping for some new items.

Spring dress up games

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