Pip of the snow!

Help Pip to choose her latest wintery outfit!

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Help Pip to choose her latest wintery outfit!

As in other dress up games, here there is a lovely girl called Pip lives in a city where it is often very cold in winter. That is why in her wardrobe you will not find any summer clothes. This doesn’t stop her from being very fashionable when she goes out with her friends or go to school. In this girls dress up game you will to need help her find a nice look from all her clothes in these fun girls games of clothing, by dragging the clothing over to her with your mouse.

Pip of the snow!

4.2/5 - 64 votes
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  • Polikj897
  • Cerise

Pip of the snow! comments from girls:

Catherine Corvera Catherine Corvera 03.06.2009 à 23:59
It not bad

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