Nice Lady dress up

Help this nice lady to look great on her day in the countryside !

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Help this nice lady to look great on her day in the countryside !

There are lots of different styles of fashion that have been popular over the years, but in this lovely dress up game for girls you can dress up Lily in a oretty summery outfit. The dresses in this game are all very lovely, long and elegant, and there are some very pretty accessories to go with the dresses.

Yu mustn’t forget to add the other important parts of a full outfit, like the shoes, hair, handbag and of course some fabulous glittering jewelery. Lily will look so beautiful when you have finished her new look, that she’ll be looking good enough to be on a holywood red carpet, or to meet royalty. It’s a very special night for Lily, so do your best with her new image!

Nice Lady dress up

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