Model dress up

Dress up these lovely top models for their various different apparences !

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Dress up these lovely top models for their various different apparences !

This game for girls will show you the dark side of modeling work. Indeed, early in the game, you have the choice between following a top model who must be prepared to be on the cover of a magazine or follow another model that must be beautiful for a parade. Megan, Aliya, Susan, Gabrielle and Xeni are 5 beautiful young women who will play with you and have agreed to do the makeover for your in this fashion game.

Model dress up

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Model dress up comments from girls:

FashionStyleLove FashionStyleLove 04.08.2014 à 2:14
does anyone play on this site and comment PLZ tell me im lonely! Hope U talk soon -FSL
Saharra Saharra 04.11.2013 à 23:07
Love this game!!! It is so fun! People Rate:
destiny1221 destiny1221 30.10.2013 à 16:26
hi guys am 10 and I love this game love u guysok thisis love this hidolls
FunnyVanessa123 FunnyVanessa123 27.07.2013 à 20:39
Hey Guys ! I I Love This Game A Lot I Also Know This When I Was 10 Years Old Now I am 12 i Still Love This Game And Another game i also love is Fashion designer its so awesome i also know that game when i was 10 years old and i still love that game . You Should Play That Game And This Game .
nivi23 nivi23 27.06.2013 à 5:32
some models are ok but some are to white like the cusiness and some are so nice and good looking
Chiki Chiki 26.05.2013 à 18:28
Wow! I didn't know that to leave a message on this site, it needs to be expressed! Its not any better then my school assignment I was trying to escape!
mojotj mojotj 21.05.2013 à 18:47
cool but some of the models are ugly!I think it would be much better if there were more hairstyles to chose from too!
naghamessam612 naghamessam612 19.05.2013 à 21:52
هل انتو كمان بتحبوها انااحب هذه اللعبة
funnylilly funnylilly 25.04.2013 à 10:57
i really like it but maby dont aways do the same comment so do more comments about the style you ( someone ) did and thats what i think
Silverbella Silverbella 25.04.2013 à 6:50
VaniXoXo VaniXoXo 17.01.2013 à 20:43
This game is so great!I look like Xeni Is really really really great!
jasmine123abc jasmine123abc 16.12.2012 à 20:53
This game is soo totally awsome you ppl who are reading this shuold really play like Ong you will fall in love with it it will officially become your fav
lizanne lizanne 24.08.2012 à 17:56
i love this game! I might as well add it as my favorite game! Right now watching Jessie 4:56
wafazoubi wafazoubi 09.07.2012 à 14:09
wow thes game z great i loved it and the jadjes loved my style every time
bluemoon bluemoon 09.06.2012 à 9:50
Love all the clothes I wish I had them they are so cute! ! deffenently my favorite
divastar22 divastar22 13.05.2012 à 17:10
Wow I got 2070 points!!! I love this they always love my style !
angebernnard angebernnard 03.05.2012 à 5:16
i love this game it like cool,ansome,funny,fashion,graet,rock , sport,fasion for passion,rock n roll and cutethese are my facing
Taekeanna Taekeanna 06.04.2012 à 22:13
Top of my games! I really luv this game. It has moxy,it has modeling,it has beuty! What more could a girl want! (rather than a cute puppy or kitten!)
lacytwinkletoe123 lacytwinkletoe123 06.04.2012 à 16:45
this game is OFF THE HOOK it is sooooooooooooooo cool and I think that if I was one of the modles I would look realy cute
Taekeanna Taekeanna 06.04.2012 à 6:27
OMG luv this game !! Play it! Dont forget to leave a comment! OMG JUST PLAY IT IT IS SO FREAKIN AWESOME! OMG JUST DO IT! DONT BE SCARED DO IT OMG DO IT!
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