Makeover the Teachers!

Dress up these teachers in some great outfits!

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Dress up these teachers in some great outfits!

Do you have a favourite teacher at school - is it a man or a woman? What do they look like? Why do you like them - is it because they are friendly? Do they have great hair? Or maybe you love the clothes they wear?!

Well start this game for girls by picking one of the teachers. Then you can choose their hair, face, shirt, trousers and shoes, so you can make them look however you want - are they cool? geeky? well dresser or badly dressed?

When you’ve finished your makeover click on "before and after" to see the massive transformation!

Makeover the Teachers!

4.1/5 - 474 votes
  • Oluranti1
  • Savannah1020
  • Sheonjw
  • Abigail20
  • MissCoCo
  • Neonflower5
  • Skatergirl12
  • SaraNellieKa
  • Cupcake109
  • Ebony1996

Makeover the Teachers! comments from girls:

yasmeensweetforever yasmeensweetforever 08.01.2013 à 13:36
um not awsome but ok it is kinda nice lol but the most thing i like in this game is making the teacher look funny hehe
laylafranny laylafranny 15.11.2012 à 22:47
glamourousbecky glamourousbecky 02.09.2012 à 17:08
i think that the girl teachers should have more girly clothes because im girl, well i am sometimes.
peytonaly peytonaly 27.07.2012 à 11:45
they really need more clothes to wear at least their awsome the mans beards are crazyyy
latresa latresa 22.06.2012 à 22:59
they really need more clogthes .at lease give us somthing to work with.o.m.g.
dogsharonadog dogsharonadog 28.12.2011 à 22:40
i wish there were more clothing to choose from other than that it was an ok game
laura2004 laura2004 07.06.2011 à 17:00
Jasmine Jasmine 08.02.2009 à 18:21
the clothes are really ugly i give it a 1/10
nikkida nikkida 28.01.2009 à 20:42
it think so to they should add more things so you can do more
Aletta Aletta 01.12.2008 à 15:24
Same here! I think there were not innuf clothing two!
nikki nikki 19.08.2008 à 16:11
i'll give it a 0 bcause there wasn't many clothes!

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